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"After practicing law for over 20 years in West Philadelphia, I've handled all types of cases such as family law representing Mothers seeking child support for their deserving children as well as representing Fathers who were denied visitation to see their children.
I've represented young men and women who were first time offenders because they had a lapse in judgment and because I understand that 1 in every 3 urban African American males will touch the criminal justice system in their lifetime, I've fought hard to ensure that they would receive a second chance. (Most never came back to the system). I’ve represented many clients in my real estate practice, including but not limited to defending those about to lose their homes to tax sales, mortgage foreclosures, as well as helped those who've lost their properties to exercise their legal right to redeem those properties. I’ve fought to get back properties from fraudulent transfers as well as represent the heirs of estates after the death of a love one. My personal injury practice has allowed me to represent clients who were injured in all types of areas, as well as fight for those who were the victims of Civil Rights violations. I believe that my experience as an attorney practicing in West Philadelphia has equipped me to better understand the fairness that justice deserves and as such I should use that experience by being a judge in our great city."

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